Elegance (iris_elegance) wrote in elegant_design,


Here are the rules for this community, please read them before you join.

1.) First of all, if you're going to take other people's work, please credit them! If they just want to show their work and they don't want anyone to take it, then don't take it!

2.) Nothing inappropriate please! Meaning nudity or anything like that.

3.) The only thing that you are allowed to advertise in this community, is another community. You're allowed to say "Please join this", but only if it's a community.

4.) Please treat all members and their work with respect.

5.) NO SPAMMING THE COMMUNITY!!! If you do I will ban you from here.

6.) If you have a problem with the community or if there's something that you would like me to do for it, then please tell me. (Unless what you want me to do conflicts with these rules, then no.)

7.) Have fun! ^_^

[+] If any of these rules are broken you will get 2 warnings. (Unless it is rule 5, that is an automatic ban)
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